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p1000996This is Alberto’s room. He’s a 10 year old nerdy boy who lives with his family in a small town outside Milan. He shares his room with his older sister Pamela who’s 20 and they kind of get on well together 🙂 He’s really into science, he loves documentaries on scary snakes or astronomy ( you may notice the sky-like sheets).  His room is full of toys, because he’s a very lucky and spoilt child. Right now he’s quite into weapons and creepy monsters, lego, dinosaurs and videogames. He also takes guitar classes and a photography course! On top of that he’s very good at school. He spends quite a lot of time in his room, he uses the computer or plays or reads books. And that’s him reading a book about black holes and space, wow! I want to be little too 🙂




This is Serena&Marco’s room. It’s now three years they share this pretty room near Pisa. Serena has very many interests and project going on, she writes short novels and paints on t-shirts; while Marco a computer technician plays in two bands. This room represents for them many beautiful and ugly things, they changed spme furnitures and persolized it without upsetting completely the original look. They love the light-blue light of this room and the arabic atmosphere you get from a lamp (which is on the ceiling). Their extroverted lifestyle is mirrored in the objects you can observe in this quite crowded room.


They don’t spend much time in this room but they love to read and sleep in their comfy bed. From this room we get a really pleasant feeling, maybe also because Serena&Marco look so cute together having their Sunday breakfast 🙂

This is Valentina&Danilo’s room. They live together in Milan and they are both attending a master in design. The room they’re sharing has very warm colours and is full of peculiar objects… such as the ethnic ornaments they brought from their last trip to Thailand or some strange bauble they found near the garbage,,,they’re design students so they’re quite into house decorating. They’ve very different but strong personalities, have you noticed the black and white sheets?! The pink gives a touch of colour and it goes well with the candle vase. They just moved into this room together so it’s not yet completely personilized, in fact the wall behind the bed is bare, but the rest of the room is really colourful and well organized. They spend a lot of time in their room because they also have a studying area where they use their computers, draw, chill, listen to music and create… The room is very bright and has large windows and in the evening there’s a soft light effect thanks to the coloured lamps and candles…and relaxing atmosphere given by incense. Here below you can see them having breakfast lovingly together 🙂