p10102961This is Simone’s room. He’s 20 and studies economics in Bocconi, he comes from Imperia and moved to Milan to attend university. He’s a very brilliant guy, passionate in journalism, literature and art. He lives in the Navigli area with his flatmate Andrea, with whom he shares this spacious and lively room. Consisting the 80% of the area of the apartment this room is vital for Simone, he often invites friends for dinners and parties, and this is the room where everyone can stay! The room-walls are full of posters (some really cool!) or drawings (above his bed there’s Simone caricature!).  Simone decorated it with the photos,pictures and cards he finds in the city or that he collectected in his travel. Everyp1010297 guest can add post-it note with his message, a sort of colourful guestbook 🙂 and this is him brushing his teeth in the morning!