This is Albina’s room. Or, to be more accurate, it’s Albina’s and Martino’s room (her cat!). Albina is 87 and lives in small town near the Lake Maggiore; since she became a widow she lives alone in an apartment, but in the same building where she lives, live also most of her relatives and friends, so she’s got always a visitor coming.  However  she never ever wants to go out of her house, not even to go to her neighbours, or to the doctor. Since she has friends, two daughters and four grandchildren she is never left alone! And she also has her cat Martino, who is 10 years old but looks very young, like Albina, he hates to go out because he’s afraid of other cats, he loves to stay in her bed, aspecially under clean sheets 🙂 Albina doesn’t spend much time in her room, but she’s very affectionate of the old objects and furnitures that are in her room. She would never chalbinaange anything in this room since it has been this way for nearly all of her life. And this is Albina on her rocking chair, isn’t she adorable?!