anna-2This is Annamaria’s room. She’s an artist who lives in Albissola Marina, a town on the seaside near Savona, she mainly works with ceramics also because in Albissola there’s a great pottery tradition. She lives by herself in a tiny apartment in a characteristic “carruggio” in the centre. Her room is quite small and has an ancient window that connects it with the living room. Since she’s a very active person she doesn’t spend much time in her room and that’s why the room it’s also quite bare, she chose to decorate other parts of the house instead. However the entire house is quite simply decorated and all in blue and white shades. In the same building where her apartment is, there’s also her little laboratory where she has a ceramic oven and all the objects and materials she uses for her work; she is really good at anna3doing artistic portraits and everyday objects such as gloves, puppets  etc ( ). And this is her having a coffee in the morning.