p12900981This is Alessandra’s room. She’s a cute 20year old girl who lives in Milan with her family, she studies Foreign Languages and Literatures in Università Statale. She loves music, travelling and she’s really good at drawing. She shares her room with her sister Daniela, who is 2 years younger, they love each other but they sometimes fight, Alessandra claims that she’s always the one who cleans up the room!! Ale’s side of the room is completely covered by posters (mostly music posters but also paintings and other random stuff), the shelf above her bed is so overloaded with books, cds etc. that she fears one day it will fall on her head while sleeping. Alex spends a lot of time in her room, on the computer, playing guitar, reading, eating…when she’s at home she’s practically always there! She would like to paint the room walls in a different colour but her father has never permitted her, he says it doesn’t let the light come in! Anyway I don’t think that she and her sister would agree on a colour 🙂 p1290085