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Dear readears, all this was born with the idea of a blog about design, but you might ask yourself where is design?? This blog talks about everyday life and objects, it doesn’t display great designers works, this is not the purpose.

However, many great designers, when creating something are inspired by normal people, who are in fact the final beneficiaries of those creations. For example the famous architect and designer Ettore Sottsass has always designed his objects and buildings with a symbolic and intimate meaning.

“inseguivo la commozione, cercavo un rapporto fra l’architettura e la vita, perché penso che l’architettura sia il disegno di un luogo da abitare, e non da guardare, come la gran parte delle architetture che si fanno adesso”.

“Io sono più interessato a problemi intimistici, minori, ad esempio che cos’è un’architettura intorno al corpo della gente, intorno alle tristezze, alle paure della gente piuttosto che architettura come spettacolo gigantesco e impressionante”

Sottsass is not interested in useless and beautiful design, design is not just the aesthetic of an object, he is concerned with the design for people.

 ” Ci sono stati momenti, rari, nei quali il design zitto zitto sentiva questa responsabilità verso il pubblico, verso la società. Roberto Olivetti sentiva questa responsabilità. Sentiva che l’industria aveva questa responsabilità morale e lavorava con ingegneri, urbanisti, architetti e designer, perché pensava che l’industria potesse fare qualcosa di più che produrre. Pensava che fosse importante avere immaginazione. “


beppe21This is Giuseppe’s room. He is 73 and is retired he lives alone in a small apartment with a mansard in the Ligurian hinterland. Since he has a serious eyesight problem (he’s almost blind) he doesn’t go out often. His house is very simple and essential because he needs to have everything at hand, especially if it’s dark he can’t recognise  objects. His room has only a small window and there’s few furnitures: in the middle of the room you can see his iron wrought bed,decorated with a blue ceramic rosary he hung on the bedhead. On the side he has a stereo, he loves listening to music and being unable to reed or watch tv music is vital for him. Giuseppe lives in an old house and being alone with a very small  pension he doesn’t even have central heating, he only has a wood burning stove. beppe31Despite all the difficulties he went through in his life, he’s a very vital and positive person, here you can see him preparing his breakfast.


This is Elio’s room. He’s 64 and is a train conductor, he lives in the countryside of Ligura, in an old house surrounded by nature. He has a vegetable garden that he likes to  cultivate and he also has 3 hens and a lame rooster 🙂 His house is a typical country- house, the furnitures are old and simple. His room is very messy and chaotic also because he hates to throw useless things away (I think it’s typical of untidy people being unable to part from old objects).  His bed has thousands of covers with completely different patterns, but all together they look great, as a sort of patchwork. The room is almost completely furnished with dark brown wood, from the parqué flooring to the cupboards and bed. This gives a very warm elioand old-fashioned atmosphere, typical of old country houses. And here is Elio, having breakfast in his lovely kitchen.