This is Elio’s room. He’s 64 and is a train conductor, he lives in the countryside of Ligura, in an old house surrounded by nature. He has a vegetable garden that he likes to  cultivate and he also has 3 hens and a lame rooster 🙂 His house is a typical country- house, the furnitures are old and simple. His room is very messy and chaotic also because he hates to throw useless things away (I think it’s typical of untidy people being unable to part from old objects).  His bed has thousands of covers with completely different patterns, but all together they look great, as a sort of patchwork. The room is almost completely furnished with dark brown wood, from the parqué flooring to the cupboards and bed. This gives a very warm elioand old-fashioned atmosphere, typical of old country houses. And here is Elio, having breakfast in his lovely kitchen.