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My name is Giulia Golla Tunno, my purpose in this blog is to lead you through a journey into people’s rooms: when we furnish, colour and personalize a space that is ours we make an act of design. We don’t need expensive brands or famous architects in order to create a room where we can feel at home, where we can create a pleasant atmosphere.

Even if it’s not on purpose, by the minute we live, sleep, study, work etc. in a place we give to that “empty box” something very personal, intimate, delicate. I will try to portray rooms of people of all ages, professions, personalities in order to show how they express themselves through their room…can we see your bedroom as your very first design artwork?!

I’ve chosen bedrooms (and not kitchens, living rooms or bathrooms)  because it’s a place where you can create your perfect habitat, your microcosm, a shell where you can hide from the real world…. The photographs will be taken in the morning when the room has a very natural and untouched atmosphere, the key element being the “letto sfatto” , the mess or tidiness of the room  will depict a charachteristic of the owner.

A second shot will picture the room and the owner followed by a few comments of what they think their room represents for them.

I hope this idea will be successful….I also hope that the quality of the pictures I will take won’t be too bad, they won’t be taken professionally, i’m not a photographer and (unfortunately..) I’ve never studied photography, i’m just an economics student (!!) therefore the photographs will be very simple and naive as the ones anyone could take,,, nonetheless i will put all my effert into this project 🙂 

Hope you enjoy your visit…