4This is Silvia’s room.  She’s a cute 20 year old girl who studies economics for art culture and communication in Bocconi. She lives in Varese with her family and this is the room she had since she was a child. As you can see from the picture it is a very classy and girly room. The iron wrought bed  is very elegant and so are the sheets and covers all in light-blue shades. On the wall she made a composition of the photos of her friends she likes the most, this gives a very homely atmosphere to the room. By looking at the many pictures we get to know most of  her memories and experiences. From this we can also feel Silvia’s outgoing and extroverted personality. The room is very bright immagine-007and spacious and decorated colourful objects. Silvia spends a lot of time in her room since she has a desk where she studies and reads. And this is her having breakfast…


p1000996This is Alberto’s room. He’s a 10 year old nerdy boy who lives with his family in a small town outside Milan. He shares his room with his older sister Pamela who’s 20 and they kind of get on well together 🙂 He’s really into science, he loves documentaries on scary snakes or astronomy ( you may notice the sky-like sheets).  His room is full of toys, because he’s a very lucky and spoilt child. Right now he’s quite into weapons and creepy monsters, lego, dinosaurs and videogames. He also takes guitar classes and a photography course! On top of that he’s very good at school. He spends quite a lot of time in his room, he uses the computer or plays or reads books. And that’s him reading a book about black holes and space, wow! I want to be little too 🙂



This is Serena&Marco’s room. It’s now three years they share this pretty room near Pisa. Serena has very many interests and project going on, she writes short novels and paints on t-shirts; while Marco a computer technician plays in two bands. This room represents for them many beautiful and ugly things, they changed spme furnitures and persolized it without upsetting completely the original look. They love the light-blue light of this room and the arabic atmosphere you get from a lamp (which is on the ceiling). Their extroverted lifestyle is mirrored in the objects you can observe in this quite crowded room.


They don’t spend much time in this room but they love to read and sleep in their comfy bed. From this room we get a really pleasant feeling, maybe also because Serena&Marco look so cute together having their Sunday breakfast 🙂

This is Valentina&Danilo’s room. They live together in Milan and they are both attending a master in design. The room they’re sharing has very warm colours and is full of peculiar objects… such as the ethnic ornaments they brought from their last trip to Thailand or some strange bauble they found near the garbage,,,they’re design students so they’re quite into house decorating. They’ve very different but strong personalities, have you noticed the black and white sheets?! The pink gives a touch of colour and it goes well with the candle vase. They just moved into this room together so it’s not yet completely personilized, in fact the wall behind the bed is bare, but the rest of the room is really colourful and well organized. They spend a lot of time in their room because they also have a studying area where they use their computers, draw, chill, listen to music and create… The room is very bright and has large windows and in the evening there’s a soft light effect thanks to the coloured lamps and candles…and relaxing atmosphere given by incense. Here below you can see them having breakfast lovingly together 🙂


This song by Blur has a very peculiar and video that was directed by Thomas Vinterberg (a danish film director who along with Lars von Trier, co-founded the Dogme 95 movement, which established rules for simplifying movie production.). By using night-vision cameras he captures all four members of the band asleep in their beds. This song was releasend as the third single in the 1999 album “13”.

Before the song starts we can listen to a short interview where the 4 members explain the aim of the video. They admit to feel very vulnerable and nervous about the idea of beeing filmed while asleep; because as the drummer Dave Rowntree says, this gooes “beyod the private, beyond the intimate, something you don’t even know about yourself“.

I think that the sad lyrics together with the black&white images of the four members, who are completely harmless in their sleep, is very beautiful. At the end of the clip Damon Albarn, still quite asleep says “it’s a sad song, a warning and a gentle reminder“. 

Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as i do.

This is Francesco’s room. He’s 26 and works in Busto Arsizio (Varese). His room is very brown, he loves sad colours such as grey&brown. This is why the picture is black&white. I like the pattern of the duvet and pillow. His room is quite big and has old furnitures, the ceiling is very high, which is typical of old buildings. Also the window is high and lets some light come in the morning, he’s not very fond of light anyway, he prefers the shade. The light brown carpeting gives a really old fashioned look to the room, but it also contributes to the warm atmosphere and the shaded light effect of this room.  In the photo you can see his Gibson guitar, that he sometimes plays; his Freitag bag that he takes with him wherever he goes and his secondhand leather jacket (on the left). He left the design of his room like he found it, adding just few photographs and objects he likes. He just loves the fact that the room is the place where he can do what he wants to. This is him in the morning, he has some old school tattoos on his arm, he pretends to be a sailor 🙂

This is Agnese’s room. She’s a second year psychology student at the “Università Cattolica” in Milan, she’s a very extroverted and lively person. She lives in Rho, near Milan with his parents and shares this bright room with his nerdy little brother. She is really fond of her room…she spends there a lot of time, she studies there, she keeps all of her books in an old wooden bookcase. She also has a lot of memories between these walls, since she grew up here!

3 things we like:

– The greek flag on her bed head comes from a holiday in Paros that she made right after the high school exams with her friends …she loves travelling and keeping memories of her journeys.

– The wrought iron bed it’s the first bed she has ever had and therefore it grew old with her. Thanks to the bed, the dark wooden desks, bedside table and wardrobes the room remind me of an old country house (but we’re not in the country!) or the style arte povera. This, together with the parquet flooring, contributes giving a really warm and homely atmosphere to the room.

– The stripy duvet, other stripes! It gives a touch of colour to the room which has quite serious furnitures. It expresses agnes’ lively personality.  The toy duck on her bed is eally quite old and usually sleeps in her arms.

And this is her having a country-like breakfast, it must be really cold!!

Tracey Emin is contemporary british artist, her works and her eccentric personality have been very controversial. In 1999, Emin was shortlisted for the Turner Prize and exhibited her work “My Bed ” (that you can see in the picture above) at the Tate Gallery, in London. As the title of the work suggests, this is the very bed where she slept in the days of her nervous breakdown and depression.

 The terrible state of the bed is the mirror of her troubled inner life, among other things we can recognize alcohol bottles, cigarettes, stained sheets, worn panties. By presenting her bed as art, the artist shares her most personal space; she reveals her degradation and sufference brutally. In fact this work a consderable media furore even though she dodn’t win the prize. Emin’s art takes many different forms of expression including needlework and sculpture, drawing, video and installation, photography and painting.

This is Gilberto’s room. He’s 17 and studies in the “Liceo Scientifico” in Legnano and lives with his parents. He says he quite likes his room even though he doesn’t think that it’s too important to him. He sees especially the essential side of it: it’s just the place where he can sleep. When he pretends to be studying he does it there on his desk. The room is really bright and the furnitures are all of light colours. He doesn’t like the fact that his room is full of books (if it was for him there would only be big screens and computers). It’s almost completely furnished by his parents who put there also some of their stuff. From the posters he has on the wall we understand he likes cars, football and paintings made by thai elephants (the semi-abstract dotted picture). He also likes metal, he has a big metallica poster and there’s his black guitar somewhere in the room. Gilberto loves sleeping, he does it any time: almost all afternoon after school (when he doesn’t play computer games) therefore he spends a lot of time in his bedroom…he says the bed is really comfy. 🙂

And this is our metal kid having breakfast on a sunday morning (but that could also be lunch or dinner) he always takes some sweets where his computer is (not in his room unfortunately) so he doesn’t waste time. Quite lovely 🙂





This is Silvia’s bedroom: she’s a smart girl who studies history of art at university, she’s 20 and lives in San Vittore Olona, a small town near Milan, with her parents. Her room is nice&cosy, the light is very soft and there’s a shaded atmosphere in the morning: the light that comes into the room is not strong, also because of the the long curtains she has. It’s not a bright room, but that’s ok for her since she doesn’t study there, she just uses it for sleeping, dressing etc.. She likes the fact that her bedroom is the place in the house that she can use as she prefer and where she can put all the objects she likes.

3 elements we like:

colour of the walls: the lilac she used for her walls is really cute and gives to the room a relaxing and overall very pleasant atmosphere. It’s quite unfamiliar to have bedrooms of that tone, therefore it adds personality, it also goes really well with the rest of the furnitures (which are made of a very clear wood) and with some objects (lamp, vases etc) which are in the same tonality.

pictures&posters: The three pictures above her bed fit well in the room, which in general is a tidy and spacious one. You can understand her passion for art through the reproductions of famous paintings, there’s also a gothic mirror and an ancient map….I bet she likes fantasy books and epic metal!! 😀

soft toys&cushions: On her undone bed there’re many colourful pillows and some soft toys (like the ladybird you can see in the photo) she likes to sleep with all of them to have some company (she doesn’t have a cat, poor girl). That’s as if to rimind us that her childhood is not yet so far away 🙂

And that’s her having breakfast with cappuccino&biscuits: